Cleary Packard grew up in Hastings-on- Hudson, NY, and started playing tennis at the age of six. Cleary excelled in track, basketball, and tennis competition in junior high and high school. In 1993, Cleary focused her athleticism and attention on tennis, under Kela Siminoyla at Concordia College Racquet Club in Bronxville, N.Y. Cleary trained and competed in USTA tournaments until her junior year when she attended Kent School, a prep school in Connecticut. From the age of thirteen until graduation from Kent School, she maintained high honors in three Varsity Sports. Her athletic background and hard work paid off, when in 2005 and working for the USTA Mid-Atlantic Region, she received a Division II tennis scholarship to Catawba College located in Salisbury, N.C. At Catawba she double majored in Political and Environmental Sciences. Her love for tennis continued into the next decade where she has held senior teaching positions for the Play Place, a 10 and Under Tennis Facility, N.Y.A.C., Siwanoy Country Club, as well as eight years at Yonkers Tennis Center. Her most recent position was that of Director of Tennis for Ferry Road Tennis Club in White Plains, N.Y.

Cleary’s teaching philosophy correlates to that of her students learning style. She believes that movements and patterns in other sports can help her students learn the game of tennis, as well as the fundamentals, strategies and mental toughness needed to compete. She believes in being creative with this bio-mechanical way of teaching tennis. This multi-faceted cognitive approach keeps her students intrigued and focused, while achieving success.